Patiently and absentmindedly, I was waiting in line for the best pizza in the neighborhood. Tuesday is free topping day and as good a day as any to support a local, favorite business in these hard times.

That was when she breezed by me. Her well-coiffed self-absorption carried her past…

In the weathered wood, soft and tired underfoot

Something ached.

Last night, opening the rusty file cabinet I thought I found it.

Somewhere after we stopped writing on paper,

The ghosts of caretakers past were forgotten and

Greeting the captain became a murmured prayer

Spoken by a very few.


Seven miles didn’t sound like a long hike for a healthy and strong family of four, when planning a trip from a comfy, air-conditioned living room. But it was seven New Hampshire miles; I had forgotten those miles are different.

To hike the White Mountains in New Hampshire is to…

That day, my two daughters and I had distracted ourselves from after school until early evening, driving around, running errands and occasionally crying. Now we were in the brightly lit noodle restaurant, each of us with our own version of our favorite staple food. …

K. K. Mullin

Full time environmental and education professional; life long lover of words, plants and people.

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